City of Edmonton Jobs Page is a winner in the 2013 New Media Award's Web Awards Competition.

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City of Edmonton Jobs Page on Facebook



Category of Entry: Government: Social Media
Award: Standard of Excellence
Screen Capture: City of Edmonton

The City of Edmonton’s jobs page on Facebook has 26,067 likes/candidates as of Monday, September 9, 2013 most of whom are from Edmonton. With 26,067 likes, the City of Edmonton is reaching out to 78,358 people every week who are friends of the people who liked the City’s jobs page on Facebook. Shahid Wazed, Social Recruiting & Sourcing Strategist at the City of Edmonton, has created this page on Facebook from the ground up in November, 2012. His innovative approach to recruiting using Social Media has led the City of Edmonton to become the first employer in Canada to host weekly "Ask A Recruiter" sessions on Facebook, offer job search specific webinars, and provide prospective candidates an opportunity to win a one-on-one coaching session with recruiters every month through Facebook. Thanks to Carter Einhorn, former Director of Recruitment and Aly Moorji, Recruitment Team Lead for supporting this initiative from day one. Last but not least, a sincere thank you to Nav Scheie, Gina Berro, Erica Scott, Cynthia Auriti, Mark Farr, and Jessica Avila for their continuous dedication and hard work in elevating Facebook recruiting to the next level for the City of Edmonton every week.

  • Carter Einhorn, City of Edmonton, Former Director of Recruitment

  • Shahid Wazed, City of Edmonton, Social Recruiting & Sourcing Strategist

  • Aly Moorji, City of Edmonton, Recruitment Team Lead

  • Nav Scheie, Gina Berro, Erica Scott, Cynthia Auriti, Mark Farr, Jessica Avila, and City of Edmonton.






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