P.F. Chang's is a winner in the 2016 New Media Award's Web Awards Competition.

Entry title: Video: P.F. Chang's Farm to Wok - The Green Onion
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZeUfiLdfcc
Award: Best in Industry
Screen Capture:

As part of our Farm to Wok™ food philosophy, we wanted to tell the story of where our green onions come from. Muranaka Farm has been growing our green onions for over ten years, and Charles Muranaka, third generation farmer, was more than happy to have us over to his farm. So, the P.F. Chang’s creative team and a local video crew --complete with a GoPro and a drone-- took a road trip to Muranaka Farm.

This video is the final result of this project. It takes the viewer behind the ingredient, from the fields at the farm to the woks in our kitchens, communicating the message that each dish served at P.F. Chang’s is a masterpiece of the hard work and dedication of our farmers and chefs. Farm to Wok™ has been our food philosophy since the day we opened, and it’s time we start getting credit for it! This brand platform tells the story of how P.F. Chang’s chefs use real, whole ingredients and make food from scratch every day. We believe in the power of a fiery wok -- a 2,000-year-old tradition that is one of the purest forms of cooking.

The secret to wok cooking is the intense 700-degree heat, which cooks food in a matter of seconds so it retains its nutritional value. Our recipes are purposefully simple with clean ingredients selected for their flavor and nutritional benefits.

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