Imposium for LetGo Commercializer is a winner in the 2016 New Media Award's Web Awards Competition.

Entry title: Imposium for LetGo Commercializer
URL: https://imposium.com/casestudies/letgo/
Award: Best in Industry
Screen Capture:

Founded 2014 and based in Hailfax, Canada, Imposium is breaking new ground in the area of personalized content using its cloud-based dynamic video rendering software. Because there is so much saturation in today's video marketing world, one proven way to break through the clutter is by catering to what we call the 'audience of one'.

To reach this audience of individuals means giving each and every member of a target audience a hyper-personalized experience that is contextually relevant to their lives. Not only does personalized entertainment garner higher engagement, it also develops deeper and more lasting relationships with consumers. Imposium partnered with LetGo, a second-hand buy and sell brand, and the agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B) to create the LetGo Commercializer that allows sellers to leverage listing data for an item they’re selling online to generate a highly contextualized Hollywood-style commercial.

By integrating data such as such as item photo, name, price, and location into Imposium’s personalization platform, individual merchandise sellers could generate unique, entertaining, and memorable videos in a matter of seconds. This new way of advertising goods being sold online generated hundreds of thousands of highly-shareable videos, increasing the chance they will be seen and purchased while also increasing awareness of the LetGo brand.

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