360.tizianoproject.org is a winner in the 2010 New Media Award's Web Site Awards Competition.

Site Name: The Tiziano Project | 360° Kurdistan
URL: http://360.tizianoproject.org
Category of Entry: Culture - Multimedia Storytelling
Award: Best in Industry
Screen Capture: The Tiziano Project | 360° Kurdistan -- Website Awards Winner

The Tiziano Project | 360° Kurdistan presents the journalistic efforts and personal accounts of Iraqi citizens living in the Kurdish north alongside the stories of their professional multimedia journalism mentors. This is a documentary effort by The Tiziano Project, which provides new media tools and training to community members in conflict, post-conflict and developing regions.

The purpose of The Tiziano Project | 360° Kurdistan is to provide you with a robust and complete understanding of life, culture and news in present-day Iraqi Kurdistan.

  • Jon Vidar, The Tiziano Project, Executive Producer & Field Director
  • Victoria Fine, The Tiziano Project, Field Director & Mentor
  • Chris Mendez, The Tiziano Project, Flash Developer & Mentor
  • Grant Slater, The Tiziano Project, Video Producer & Mentor
  • Andrew McGregor, The Tiziano Project, President & Founder
  • Grant Kindrick, Designer
  • Jessica Yurasek, The Tiziano Project, Art Director
  • Tiziano Reporters: Ashna Shareff, Bewar Abdullah, Dilpak Adam, Karokh Nuraddin, Muhemmed Nawzad, Nataly Alan, Rasti Brimo, Rebin Fazil, Sahar Hashim, Savina Dawood, Shivan Sito, Zana A. Mamundy




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