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Site Name: Canadian Specialist Program - Canadian Tourism Commission
Category of Entry: B2B - Tourism
Award: Best in Industry
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The Canadian Tourism Commission needed to deliver a sophisticated training and accreditation program for their audience of travel agents across the world.
International travel agents are encouraged to register on the site, review training modules focusing on Canada's unique selling points, and then answer a series of questions which assess their knowledge of Canada as a premier travel destination.

The solution uses a combination of trade marketing, affiliate marketing & SEO which enables the client to attract, educate and reward the level of knowledge acquired by their target market.

After successfully passing the knowledge test, participating travel agents are given an electronic certificate which confirms their accreditation as a Canadian Travel Specialist; they also gain access to sales assets and materials which help them sell trips to Canada to their clientele.

The quiz itself is designed to be an educational tool as well as a testing tool, using technology that supports a number of learning styles. For example, travel agents use interactive digital maps to visualize how the information fits together and they are required to drag images onto the map to demonstrate their knowledge in the quiz.

The quiz questions can be in the format of one-answer, multiple choice, drop down, polling, scale or freestyle.

The result? Identified, informed, measured and accredited travel agents across the world in a rich database for the client.

  • Digital agency: FCV
  • Design agency: TribalDDB
  • Client: Canadian Tourism Commission





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