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Site Name: Solutions and Services
Category of Entry: B2B - IT
Award: Best in Industry
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Solutions solve problems. Simple, right? But all too often, technology industry web sites miss the mark. We talk to customers about hardware. We talk to them about software. We talk to them about services. And we try to transact sales. But we don’t always manage to get directly to the heart of what each customer set needs when they need it, in a holistic way.

Based on extensive research and usability testing, the Dell Large Enterprise (LE) Online Transformation Team set out to design a consultative web experience that addressed real customer needs with real solutions. The result is the new Solutions site.

Customers want easy navigation that gets them to relevant content at relevant times. To that end, the site offers consistent, easily navigable organization based on the way real world customers look for information: by need, by service, by technology, and by industry.

This navigation – plus the deep, consultative content on a wide range of enterprise technology topics from cloud computing and virtualization to networking, desktop or mobile computing, and more  –  enables IT professionals to use to address challenges throughout an entire solution lifecycle: from understanding the value of a technology, to developing a strategy, to implementing the solution and discovering best practices for daily operations.  The site puts a heavy emphasis on case studies, technical resources, white papers and proven results.

We’ve embedded sophisticated analytics to help us better understand how customers use the content. The results speak for themselves with double-digit growth in traffic.  Dell’s solutions center ( has rapidly become a preferred destination for customers embarking on new technology solutions projects.

Launched little over a year ago in concert with our online technical community, this solutions experience has begun to radically redefine Dell’s direct relationship with its customers  – direct is no longer just about rapid hardware sales and efficient supply chains. Direct is about helping customers find real solutions to real world business problems at their pace and with the tools, insights and subject matter expertise they need.

  • Dell Large Enterprise Online Marketing Team led by Rishi Dave
  • Dell Large Enterprise Online Transformation Team led by Jonathan Byerly
  • Dell Global Site Design – Jonathan Atkins





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