// 2010 NEW MEDIA AWARDS / WEB SITE AWARDS / WINNERS is a winner in the 2010 New Media Award's Web Site Awards Competition.

Site Name: One Ocean Interactive
Category of Entry: Television - Education and Science
Award: Best in Industry
Screen Capture: one ocean web award winner

"One Ocean Interactive" is an interactive website companion to "One Ocean", a 4 x 1 hour HD documentary series produced by Merit Motion Pictures & the CBC for "The Nature of Things". One Ocean Online allows users to enter the ocean and experience it in a personal way. Featuring expert resources, virtual 3D underwater habitats, and utilizing the Google Earth platform, the website informs visitors of the global issues facing our ocean and challenges them to change the way they think and act.

In a visually rich setting of vibrant and mysterious underwater images combined with interactive content, the website provides learning and entertainment through serious games, educational interactive features, teacher resource materials, podcasts, behind the scenes materials and social media applications.

  • Merit Motion Pictures
  • Tactica Interactive Communications
  • Canadian Broadcasting Corporation




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