Privatebank.StandardChartered.com is a winner in the 2010 New Media Award's Web Site Awards Competition.

Site Name: Standard Chartered Private Banking Services
URL: http://www.privatebank.standardchartered.com
Category of Entry: Financial Services
Award: Standard of Excellence
Screen Capture: Standard Chartered Private Bank -- Website Award Winner

Standard Chartered Bank is one of the most innovative online players in the Banking industry.

The high-end and one-stop full-service online platform, aims to simplify business interactions and to provide personalised value-added digital services to go "beyond banking" for its clients.

The site combines a sophisticated and luxurious look and feel conveyed through visually sophisticated design and sleek animation with enhanced customer interactivity, including tools and search functionality based on individual client needs, value-added content through pod casts, daily news feeds and a stock symbol search box through Wall Street Journal's MarketWatch.

It gives customers simple access to smart products and services and features an intuitive navigation system and clearer overview of its services and offerings.

Customers can enter the site depending on their profiles, and get direct access to content relevant to their needs.

  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Tequila Hong Kong Limited
  • Helen Westbrook, Director, Group Private Bank Marketing
  • Joyce Lee, Head of Public Websites, Internet Banking Group
  • Kelvin Toh, Associate Director, Interactive Global Marketing




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