NBC Learn K-12 is a winner in the 2012 New Media Award's Web Awards Competition.

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NBC Learn K-12



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Digital Classroom Resource

Award: Best in Industry
Screen Capture: NBC Learn

NBC Learn is the education arm of NBC News and represents a new way to engage students and teachers in the classroom and to reach the nation's goals of creating 21st century digital learners.

NBC Learn K-12 is a subscription-based education website that offers thousands of videos and other resources covering topics from early American history to the modern day global news.  News footage, commentary, historical documents and mini-documentaries bring events to life in the classroom. The content is updated almost daily from the many platforms of NBC News, so students can connect the events of the past with the events of today as they unfold.

The state-of-the-art cue card platform is a media player and online textbook that can be saved in a playlist, shared, printed, and downloaded and easily incorporated into presentations, projects, and lesson plans.  The resources are also correlated to state standards, offer complete transcripts, and several include lesson plans.

The NBC Learn K-12 website is fully accessible for users with disabilities.  Technical support is available 24-hours each day, 7 days each week.  The Help tab in the tool bar offers information on the system requirements and information for navigating the website.

The website offers rich educational resources and a seamless user experience with a clean design, interactive tools for engaging with the content, fast search engines, innovative presentation of metadata, and high-quality content from NBC News, the best news organization in the country.


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